THE DUMB WAITER by Harold Pinter

'You go to this address, there's a key there, there's a teapot, there's never a soul in sight. Eh, nobody ever hears a thing, have you ever thought of that? We never get any complaints, do we, too much noise or anything like that? You never see a soul, do you? - except the bloke who comes.'

Gus and Ben are on the job again. Time always moves slowly when they are waiting so Gus tries to speed it up with his inquisitive nature. Just when Ben has had enough of him, an external presence demands requirements of them which they cannot possibly meet - driving them to despair. But who, or what, is this eternal presence that has such an impact?

Soon, they'll get back to their job and everything should return to normal.

The Dumb Waiter was on at The Old Hairdresser's, Glasgow, in March 2016 with two sold out shows.


Cast and Crew

  Donn Shankland
  Tom White
Daisy Alexander
Stage Manager
  Erfan Shojanoori
  Meredith Stewart



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