OSAMA THE HERO by Dennis Kelly


'Find a hero, a living hero, presentation on a contemporary hero, but it has to be someone who's truly heroic, someone who's an inspiration to millions, a determined individual who'll sacrifice wealth, life and happiness for what they believe in.'

Bins have started exploding, garages have been burnt down and the estate is no longer safe. Something must be done. Louise and Francis will follow in their follow's footsteps to protect their estate. Fifty-year-old Mark and schoolgirl Mandy have been occupied with enacting their fantasies in his garage. With seventeen-year-old Gary acting suspiciously lately, all eyes are on him. In the now charred remains of Mark's garage, justice will be found.

The ends justify the means.

Osama The Hero was hosted by WAVEparticle as part of the Open Spaces project of the Laurieston Art Strategy, in partnership with NGHA, Urban Union, supported by Network Rail and Stalled Spaces. For further information, please visit: http://lauriestonlivingarts.com

Osama The Hero had three performances at the Artists in Arches, Glasgow, in November 2017 with one night sold out.



  Robert Turner
  Kaiya Jones
Hamish Sealey
  Carys Williams
  Alasdair Ferguson




Daisy Alexander
Stage Manager
  Erfan Shojanoori
  Meredith Stewart
Anna Smeaton
Stage Manager
  Aea Varfis-van Warmelo
Assistant Director
  Louis Skoog
Sound Design



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